torstai 6. syyskuuta 2012

Still pictures from film 2012

Still pictures from the short film we made as part of Kino Euphoria Helsinki 2012.
Directed by Tuulia Kallio. Editing by Jerker Beckman. Best girl: Salla Kotiranta.
Cinematographers: Iiris Anttila, Jerker Beckman, Riitta Ryhtä.
Performers: Kimmo Hokkanen, Taru Huokkola, Sini Järnström, Samuli Salonen, Karelia Wilenius.
Musicians: Tuulia Kallio, Kalle Kuisma, Henri Onodera, Henri Tuomi.
Thanks for the costumes for anyone who donated stuff to Kinolab. ;)

Video's from Vadelma fest past 3 years

Teatteri Olemus has been performing at Vadelma Fest last 3 years, and Vadelma has made their own video documentations of these festivals, you can find us from here and there. Information about the performances you can find in past posts of this blog.

Vadelma Fest 2012 from Kalle Kuisma on Vimeo.

Siniaalto + Teatteri Olemus & Klava @ Vadelma Fest 2010 from Kalle Kuisma on Vimeo.

Vadelma Fest '11 from Kalle Kuisma on Vimeo.

Also check out Vadelma's channel at Vimeo .

sunnuntai 22. heinäkuuta 2012

2012 - Kino Euphoria and Vadelma fest

Some time from last update... Facebook has been lot easier to use.
But! This is what we've been up to!

Teatteri Olemus and Kudelma Ensemble at Vadelma Fest 2012. from Tuulia Kallio on Vimeo.

Again Teatteri Olemus made a performance on Vadelma Fest 2012 in Alppipuisto, Helsinki. Same time an organisation called Euphoria Borealis arranged a kino kabaret so of course it sounded like a "extremely good idea" to combine these two to one art experiment: How to make short film of/during an improvised performance in front of an audience. And that's what we did on Vadelma fest, performing were dancers from Teatteri Olemus and participants of Kino Euphoria, 3 persons with camera came from Kino Euphoria and making music were the director from Teatteri Olemus together with boys from Vadelma. It helped a lot that Kinolab was full of glitter costumes... :D

With few of the same people we already experimented with the idea of screendancefilm, or mostly that how to make one or more importantly how to twist our brains to see the film making more like dancing. During the first session of Kino Euphoria, six person shut themselves into room for one night to experiment with movement and that material was screened 60 hours later as a 1 minute film with live music accompaniment. The feedback was so positive that we are thinking of editing it longer (there's a LOT OF good material still left) and making composed music for it. Might take few months before have actually time to do that. Untill that, here's the 1 minute version without sound.

Dance Euphoria (part I - teaser) from Tuulia Kallio on Vimeo.

Also, Teatteri Olemus DID participate with 3rd film at the same Kabaret... But we hold it behind passwords just little longer time still... While waiting that, please enjoy these two.!

torstai 30. kesäkuuta 2011

Summer solstice dance 2011

Dance by Tuulia Kallio (Teatteri Olemus)
Photography by Aliona Pozdniakova
More photos on Aliona's Website
Happened in Midsummernight, in a little village in Telemark, Norway.

keskiviikko 29. kesäkuuta 2011

Come to Alppipuisto 9.7.2011

Vadelmafest 2011

Teatteri Olemus with Klava!

torstai 28. lokakuuta 2010

October 27. would have been Kazuo Ohno's 104th birthday...

So, to celebrate this, tiny group of butoh-enthusiast organised a
"Butoh Flower Dance Flashmob in Honor of Kazuo Ohno" in facebook, so that in all corners of our round world people would go out to dance with flowers to the universe at the same time. We were not many but we did it.
Teatteri Olemus took part on this in Norway, in the tinyest village next to Hardangervidda, which is the biggest mountain plateau on Northern Europe. Allthough local folk art students didn't really know what was going on, they still joined dancing and playing and (en)joying. And that, I think, is the point of it. :)
Pictures taken by Marie Berger.

sunnuntai 5. syyskuuta 2010

WIDE STORM CRAZY PAPER (Daring Enterprise, situation 9)

Hannaleena Hauru and Tuulia Kallio, the founder members of Teatteri Olemus have joined in making of an experimental short film. The film was filmed during a trip from Finland to Norway and it contains butoh performance, improvised music and documentary clipps. The film is a part of Hauru's master thesis.

You can read more (in Finnish) in here:

and you can watch the film in here:

(9) WIDE STORM CRAZY PAPER (Daring Enterprise) from Hannaleena Hauru on Vimeo.